We will bring your design dreams to reality.

Founded in 1988 our company has expertise in the international marble market and consulting with our clients for any kind of project. We Import the worlds rarest and exotic stones from our longtime trusted sources. This allows us to provide both unmatched quality and pricing of stone.

Cut to Size

For specific orders that require special attention we have material cut overseas in any format, thickness, and finish desired. It is shipped stateside in a matter of weeks.

Custom Pieces

Our clients often request custom pieces for their homes, these are usually cut or sculpted from a solid block of stone. This could be anything from a bathtub to a sink, vanity, etc.


Our biggest strength is our unparalleled selection and stock of natural stone slabs, easily the best collection on the east coast. Slabs are generally between 4x8 - 7x11ft.


Classic, easy, and quick to install, tiles come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular is 12x24.


Mosaics are a way to add detail to a room, also very easy to install. We can custom produce mosaics in any shape, pattern, color and finish to your exact requests.

Having the material in stock expedites the selection, purchasing and delivery process. We can ship orders out next day - this is especially useful if you are in a rush!

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Stock Order


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