Tartaruga Light Polished 3CM P21374

Name: Tartaruga

Type: Quartzite

Tartaruga Light Polished 3CM P21374Tartaruga Light Polished 3CM P21374 Detail

Material Description:

Applications: Interior Walls, Interior Floors, Countertop & Bathrooms

Look & Feel: Grey background with turtle shell texture

Thickness: Standard stock thickness is 2cm (3/4″) and 3cm (1 1/4″) for most materials, however 2″ and other thicknesses may be available upon request.

Finish: Standard finishes are polished & honed, specialty textured finishes such as acid wash may be available in stock or upon request.

Item is either in STOCK or can be special ordered.

Please contact your sales representative for details and availability.

in stock
Lots#: P21374
Finish:POLISHED, Thickness:3CM, Dimension: 113 x 67
Lots#: M13898
Finish:POLISHED, Thickness:3CM, Dimension: 124 x 74


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